85% of the world’s content is unstructured.
Analytics are too slow.
Real-time isn’t really.



Find + Search

New Ways of Interacting with Information

Three Innovative Solutions

Finch Computing solutions address complex and never-before-addressable
data needs at various points in the software stack.


Read free-form text as a human would. Turn documents into data points. A powerful, customizable entity extraction and disambiguation engine operating on eight distinct entity types.


Part search engine, part database. A game-changing in-memory NoSQL compute platform with embedded analytics. Built from the ground-up for in-memory applications.


Situational awareness in situations that matter most. An end-to-end data discovery dashboard that surfaces greater meaning and insight from data. Streaming or static. Internal or external. Words or numbers.

In Action

Geographic Discovery

Finch for Text geotagged 85,000 documents in 30 minutes. It helped turn a one man-month project into an hour-long one. It prevented millions in redundant expenditures.

Predictive Analytics

FinchDB applies predictive models on the fly. So it’s an attractive choice for retailers, insurers, regulators, IoT device makers and more


Entity Disambiguation

Finch for Text disambiguates identically named people, places or organizations found in massive amounts of text. With unparalleled precision and recall. Whether the data is streaming or static.

Content Delivery

Real-time, personalized online ad delivery. To you. Not someone like you. It’s every marketer’s dream. FinchDB makes it possible.


Legal Intelligence

Working with a major legal information service provider, FinchDB is capable of reprocessing their entire content library in minutes instead of months, as their previous solution demanded. Improving the data’s accuracy every time.

Message Traffic

Finch for Text helps America’s intelligence community gain situational awareness – in situations that matter most.


Reputation Management

Finch Analyst provides a canvas for marketers and communications professionals to monitor a streaming feed of real-time news to identify patterns, relationships and similarities in global news coverage.

We Deliver

Enhanced Customer Service

Do what you do better than ever. Understand what your customers want, where the market is heading and where opportunities lie. What would it mean to be one step ahead?

Informed Decision Making at Scale

Access all of your data, as it changes – all at once and as you need it.
What would you do with awareness like that?

New Product Development

Create entirely new products and services by better leveraging your data. Or your people. Or your resources. What would that do to your bottom line?


Risk Mitigation

Spot problems before they arise. Correct them. Avoid mistakes. Process efficiency that’s exponentially better.

Real Savings

Save time. Save money. Less waste. Manpower redirected in new ways. No more redundant technology.
Performance that matters.